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Let’s Test the Amenity Wi-Fi

Day in the Life Series: 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

By Dennis Jones


Creative work never ends, especially when you’re working at a startup like Krempe. Who would know that better than the Comms writer and the videographer, who were working together off-site, after hours at a coffee shop?

By mid-evening when we meet up with them, they’d been working 10 hours straight, ever since the disengagement crisis meeting had opened their day. After toiling through regular business hours – what regular business hours, they would probably say – they had decided to relocate to a coffee shop. I guess the draw of Krempe beer and various campus games weren’t strong enough.

Like most creatives, they were now on tight deadlines, so hot coffee was a must. The videographer was waiting for some new footage to edit for a new digital campaign. And the writer was collaborating with a designer, headquartered at an international Krempe office, via copywriting software.

Cups of coffee purchased, or rather a latte and a double espresso. They sat down to get back to work, hoping to take advantage of the amenity Wi-Fi offered at the coffee shop. They got connected quickly enough. They’d been here before so all of their personal information had been pre-saved, lessening the time they’d have to spend on the captive portal. But that’s where the problems began.

You see, this coffee shop wasn’t really in the Wi-Fi business. Even at this late hour, there was still plenty of foot traffic at the coffee shop. Everyone had a mobile device, and they all wanted to get connected, whether they were there for five minutes or five hours. Consequently, the network was pretty slammed. So that big video file the videographer needed to edit. It would probably take hours to download. And as for running the copywriting software through an internet browser to collaborate in real time, forget about it.

It didn’t take too long for the writer and videographer to figure out that although the coffee might improve their productivity, the amenity Wi-Fi certainly wouldn’t. So they decided to split and head back home. Just another hour of work squandered.

See what happened next.