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iPass SmartConnect™ SDK Has Arrived

Now generally available, including a new developer program

By Dennis Jones

iPass SmartConnect SDK Available

Here’s one more indication that 2016 is turning into a milestone year for iPass. Thanks to the creativity, dedication and hard work across the entire organization, we are proud to announce the launch of the iPass developer program, which significantly furthers the reach of our smartest mobile connection technologies. This program enables enterprises, operators and device manufacturers to embed our patented mobile connectivity technologies and services into their applications or IoT devices. Partners can also leverage the SDK to access our global footprint of more than 50 million hotspots in more than 120 countries.

With the SDK, developers access our core technologies via APIs to activate, authenticate, intelligently connect and create custom interfaces for presenting and selecting Wi-Fi networks. If you don’t remember, this announcement follows on the heels of our announcement of early analytics from iPass SmartConnect, which continues on a daily basis to discover new, unique access points, while fleshing out the world’s first real-time picture of global Wi-Fi locations. Integral to the SDK, iPass SmartConnect technology enables iPass to make smart connection decisions for our customers, by automatically connecting users to the best hotspot for their usage needs.

Well, what does this all mean for iPass? iPass SmartConnect is a significant part of the vision to make the iPass service invisible to our end users, by providing them the most seamless Wi-Fi experience available. Now, our SDK fulfills our promise of being everywhere, or at least on one billion devices by the end of next year. And along the way, this new developer program will help unleash the endless creativity of partners and customers, which is also pretty cool.

In this smart economy, being always on is invaluable, which makes embedding global mobile connectivity ideal for a host of use cases. Our SDK allows developers to bring to market cost-effective alternatives to cellular or bolster existing hospitality, airline, IoT and retail loyalty apps. And as developers incorporate our Wi-Fi solution, gaining access to unlimited data in the process, they increase the value of their mobile applications, while still maintaining control over their brands and technology platforms.

In other words, developers should be on the lookout.