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iPass SmartConnect™ Powers iPass into more than 180 Countries and Territories

iPass SmartConnect identifies nearly 300 million Wi-Fi access points in 18 months

By Dennis Jones


We haven’t blogged much recently about our proprietary, intelligent network selection and connectivity management platform, iPass SmartConnect™ — we prefer to let its capabilities speak for themselves. But when we’ve got news, we love to share. And boy do we have some good news. You know how we’ve been telling you we’re in over 120 countries. Guess what? It’s more like over 180 countries and territories. What’s more, since its official Q12016 in-market launch, iPass SmartConnect has discovered nearly 300 million Wi-Fi access points worldwide, allowing iPass to curate Wi-Fi hotspots in a whole slew of new regions.

For you non-geography buffs out there, 180 countries and territories are a lot of countries and territories. There are only 190 or so countries in the UN. And as for territories…well here are the few that we’re not in, for now:

  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • Antarctica
  • Christmas Island
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Pitcairn

The growth of our global Wi-Fi network is most certainly in evidence in emerging markets. But not only is more coverage great, improved quality of service is awesome as well. iPass SmartConnect, which tracks as many as 190 attributes on every network connection, also helps us continually improve the quality of our services, ensuring that our users are connected in the fastest, most reliable way. More coverage. Better quality. What’s not to love?

Finally, by expanding our network and improving the quality of our services and connection rates, iPass SmartConnect has also contributed to record usage. This July alone, typically marked by seasonal decline, we enjoyed a 95 percent increase in use (over the last two years,) which was a record. Two cheers for iPass SmartConnect.