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iPass Network Exceeds 13 Million Hotspots in 120 Countries – We’ve Got You Covered

By Patti Thompson

iPass has you covered with 15 million hotspots in

The iPass global network currently covers 120 countries and territories and has a footprint 13 times larger than its nearest competitor. Over 700 global companies use this network to keep their business travelers connected.

How can the network grow so fast?

Some of this rapid growth has been fueled in part by the proliferation of home hubs and community hotspots, which are increasingly handling commercial traffic. That’s right – in a stroke of genius, network providers have figured out a way to partition home routers so that a portion is available for outside use – all-the-while keeping your home network secure.

This means with iPass, you may now be able to get access to Wi-Fi in places you might not expect – like the soccer field at your kid’s school or parked outside their dance studio while you wait for class to finish. This is a boon for mobile business people.

But this goes beyond neighborhoods – these hotspots are in essential business locations around the world thanks to our innovative partners like Comcast, China Mobile and Orange who have invested in building out premium Wi-Fi networks.

Planes, Trains and Starbucks

iPass continues to provide the most comprehensive in-flight Wi-Fi service in the world, with Wi-Fi access on more than 20 airlines up from 9 airlines just one year ago, including Delta, United, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Etihad and Singapore Airlines. iPass also provides on-board Wi-Fi connectivity on over 800 passenger trains, such as ICE in Germany, DSB in Denmark, Virgin Trains in the UK and many other rail brands throughout Europe and Japan. And of course, you can still use iPass at your favorite retail locations including Starbucks!

If you want to get the most from your iPass service, use our Hotspot Finder to find connections when you’re on the move.