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iPass Launches iPass SmartConnect

Three things iPass users need to know

By Dennis Jones

iPass SmartConnect is Here!

This really is an exciting moment at iPass. After eight months of hard work across our entire organization, we are finally poised to release iPass SmartConnect,  our patented technology designed to connect you automatically and securely to the best Wi-Fi hotspot for your usage needs.

For end users like you, iPass SmartConnect will represent a significant enhancement to your experience on the iPass service. So we wanted to take some time to outline three major benefits that you can expect with the release of iPass SmartConnect.

  1. Automatically connects you to Wi-Fi hotspots. You connect once to iPass, then we keep you connected to Wi-Fi networks as you roam.
  2. Identifies the best hotspots. As you connect to iPass hotspots, iPass SmartConnect rates hotspot performance and reliability, identifying the best performing hotspots and blacklisting those that do not meet our standards.
  3. Adds new hotspots where you need them. iPass SmartConnect lets us see the most popular hotspots, so we can work to add new hotspots based on where you need them the most.

iPass SmartConnect is coming this spring. Soon we will be releasing updated versions of iPass (across all platforms) so you can benefit from the full suite of iPass SmartConnect features. Stay tuned!