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HP is Meeting the Demand for Wi-Fi in Asia Pac and Japan

By iPass Staff Writer


As more and more consumer and business travelers like you look for Wi-Fi as their first choice when they want to connect, HP is listening. In an innovative move designed to make connecting easy for their notebook and tablet PC users, HP has loaded a free iPass subscription onto its devices. This means customers choosing HP laptops and tablets will be able to connect to over 15 million iPass hotspots around the world.

Starting this fall, the computers and tablets will be on sale in Asia Pac and Japan. The subscription is free for one year and can be used on hotspots in the iPass network anywhere in the world. So whether you are traveling within Asia or to the United States or Europe, you’ll always be able to connect. You’ll also have access to inflight internet where it’s available.

To view a hotspot location map and to learn more about how to connect to iPass on an HP notebook or tablet PC visit