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iPass Signs Global Deal with HP

By Dennis Jones

HP Partners with iPass in Worldwide Deal

The news keeps getting better for iPass in 2016. And today we’re extremely excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with HP to bring the iPass service to HP customers around the world1.

Back in October 2014, we began our initial collaboration with HP, delivering global Wi-Fi access to its customers in Asia Pacific and Japan. Fast-forward just 16 months, and now we’re bringing our global Wi-Fi network, the world’s largest, to HP customers in the rest of the world, for one, two, or three years, at no additional cost.

Well, what exactly are HP customers getting with this new offer, besides access to our footprint? They’ll be receiving a global, mobile connectivity solution that provides unlimited, secure, always-on Wi-Fi access, increasing productivity, saving time, and providing security, with features like Last Mile VPN encryption. And with iPass SmartConnect analytics, we will be able to rate hotspot performance and reliably and automatically connect HP customers to the best Wi-Fi hotspot for their usage needs.

Finally, and this might sound a little saccharine, but I really do think that this deal transcends the parties involved. It’s an acknowledgement, if any more were necessary, that we live in an increasingly mobile world, where people just need affordable, seamless connectivity, wherever they are.

1 This offer will be made available to HP customers who purchase select new HP notebooks, tablets, and PCs.