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How iPass Makes Life Easy for You

By iPass Staff Writer

If you’ve used iPass, you realize it’s terrific for getting you online easily when you travel. But you may not realize there are some other benefits as well.

It turns out, when asked, business travelers also appreciate iPass because it delivers some unexpected delight: it eliminates the nuisance of filling out lengthy (and repetitive) Wi-Fi registration forms, helps users keep their personal information safe (like their credit card number) and they don’t have to worry about expensing the service as part of their post-trip reporting.

We had our in-house cartoonist illustrate the point.

iPass makes business travel easier

Brad struggles to get online at the airport.
Tim gets online quickly with iPass.

iPass makes business travel easier

Brad uses his credit card on a flight.
Tim is already safely online and working.

iPass makes business travel easier

Brad expenses his charges when he gets home.
Tim doesn’t have to do a thing.