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Hotspot Highlight: Plymouth

By Alex Braelow


Let’s rewind the tape for a moment.

In September of the year 1620 (well before the advent of Wi-Fi), roughly 100 people set sail from Plymouth, England aboard the Mayflower, in search of religious freedom in the New World. By December of the same year, they had landed in Plymouth Harbour, Massachusetts. These folks, known today as the Pilgrims, established the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New England.

As it turns out, the Pilgrims knew how to throw a party. Indeed, in late Autumn of 1621, to commemorate their first harvest as residents of the New World, the Pilgrims celebrated the inaugural Thanksgiving feast.

Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November across the US. It’s a time for family and an excuse to eat copious amounts of mashed potatoes. Every red-blooded American knows this. So, in honor of the holiday, it seems appropriate to focus this month’s hotspot highlight on Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Plymouth, Massachusetts is home to a number of historical sites. Plymouth Rock, for instance, is the iconic landing site of the Mayflower. In addition, there is a re-creation of the Plimoth [sic] Plantation, the village established by the Pilgrims in 1627.

For those who are a bit more outdoorsy, the Myles Standish State Forest offers many miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. The Scusset Beach State Reservation is great for camping, fishing, and swimming.

Of course, if neither hiking nor history are your idea of a good time, you could always spend your Thanksgiving the way God intended: with a beer in hand, at a local saloon, watching the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys lose football games.

No matter what you choose, iPass will have your back with an always best connected experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!