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Hotspot Highlight: Paris

Focus on Europe

By Dennis Jones

Hotspot Highlight: Paris - the Rue de Rivoli

In our humble estimation, February is the month for love, whatever the calendar gods say. And if February is the month for love, then Paris must be the capital of love. So why not spend your February taking in the sites and vistas of the great city of lights and capital of arts, fashion, food, and culture? Well let me focus your travel.

Whether you’ve been to Paris or not, you probably know that Paris is known for its iconic streets: probably none more famous than the Champs-Élysées, but also the artistic Rue de Seine, the historic Boulevard Saint-Germain, the fashionable Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the list goes on. But perhaps, less well known to the lay traveler is the Rue de Rivoli. C’est quoi?

The Rue de Rivoli bisects the Parisian Right Bank on an east-west axis, commencing at the Louvre. To its south run the quais (bays) of the Seine. History buffs might recognize the name Rivoli, as in Battle of Rivoli. And indeed, the Rue de Rivoli bears the name of the Napoleonic military victory against the Austrian Emprire. After Napoleon, successive French rulers progressively extended the street farther east to its current-day terminus.

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