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Hotspot Highlight: Munich

By Alex Braelow


If you find yourself in a place more cheerful than Munich this time of year, then you’ve probably died and gone to heaven. Indeed, it’s time to lace up the Lederhosen and join in on a rousing chorus of Ein Prosit — Oktoberfest has arrived.

Whether you’re a beer aficionado, a sucker for Schweinshaxe and Käsespätzle, or your run-of-the-mill oom-pah enthusiast, iPass SmartConnect™ will have you covered with an always best connected experience.

Of course, if the festivities aren’t your thing, or if you’ve simply had enough, there’s plenty to do in Munich that doesn’t involve singing on a table top. The Nymphenburg Palace, for example, is a beautiful example of baroque architecture. Likewise, the twin onion domes of the Munich Frauenkirche are the city’s most iconic feature.

There are also many great museums. Perhaps the most famous is the Deutsches Museum, which exhibits 28,000 objects and is the largest museum dedicated to Science and Technology in the world. For the “Bimmer” fans and petrol-heads out there, the BMW Museum and BMW Welt offer excellent exhibitions on the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

That said, if after a long day of museums and cultural destinations, you find yourself to be a bit parched and your legs a bit sore, there’s a delicious pilsner with your name on it.