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Hotspot Highlight: London

By Tom Oakley


“Game. Set. Match!”

It’s July in London: to many that means Wimbledon season! The oldest tennis tournament in the world, dating all the way back to 1877, packed full of Britishness — world famous strawberries and cream, glasses of sparkling Prosecco and, this year, two weeks of unbroken sunshine!

Even though the tennis has come and gone for another year, you won’t find yourself short of things to do in London. And whilst you can’t always rely on the weather, you can count on iPass SmartConnect™ to keep you connected, be it to book an Uber to visit the London Eye, or Google “where’s the nearest red telephone box?” for that obligatory tourist photo. Then again, no visit to London is complete without taking a ride on the London Underground, the world’s oldest metro system.

So here’s an idea for you: hop on the tube and take a trip to Buckingham Palace during the summer open season to tour through one of the world’s few remaining working royal palaces. And since iPass has you covered, you won’t need to awkwardly ask Her Majesty for the Wi-Fi password…