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Hotspot Highlight: Hong Kong

Focus on Asia Pacific

By Dennis Jones


We all love Wi-Fi. And now with iPass SmartConnect™, you can work, surf, play, read, watch or post — wherever you are. And we mean everywhere. So here’s our hotspot highlight:

Whether you are sightseeing through Marine Drive in Mumbai, watching a show at the Sydney Opera House, or just strolling through Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay, we’ve got you covered with an always best connected experience, across the Asia Pacific region and the world.

Touring Victoria Harbor? We’ve got you covered there too. Without doubt, Victoria Harbor is Hong Kong’s bustling lifeline and China’s largest harbor. In fact, after San Francisco and Rio, Victoria Harbor is the world’s third largest harbor. Enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery and the teaming activity. But don’t forget to share those memories with friends, by sending those pictures over iPass-enabled hotspots.