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Hotspot Highlight: Boston

Focus on: the United States

By Dennis Jones


First a disclaimer. We’re writing this Boston hotspot highlight in what is hopefully the last month of the infamous Northeastern winter, so when Spring finally does come to New England’s most populous city, you’ll know where to stay connected. Now, back to the post.

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is the present-day capital of the state of Massachusetts. Founded way back in the 17th century by Puritan settlers from England, Beantown, as it’s affectionally referred to by probably no one, remains one of the preeminent cultural centers  in the U.S. to this day – though I’m sure that rival-New York City might have something to say about how culturally preeminent Boston really is.

One area where the Boston metro definitely has the five boroughs beat is in the number of colleges and universities the former boasts per square mile. They’re about a quarter of a million college students in the greater Boston area. Some have even estimated that about one in every 14  people you’ll meet in the area are matriculating students, making Boston one of the brainier cities in the planet.

And it’s a smart bet that students won’t go too far without their Wi-Fi – well, if they’re iPass SmartConnect™ app users, they won’t have to. Flying back into Boston’s Logan International Airport after spending spring break somewhere warm? iPass has got you covered. Doubly so, if you walk along the historic Downtown.