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Hotel Wi-Fi at Its Finest

Day in the Life Series: 9 p.m. – 10 p.m.

By Dennis Jones


The CEO felt unsettled. Sure, the call with her Sales VP had been brief, which she always appreciated – granted the excuse he’d use about the low battery had seemed a bit thin to her. But the news hadn’t been all good. His biggest opportunity seemed to have dwindled to next to nothing. And the company needed big sales wins fast.

Those were her thoughts as she prepared her hotel room for check out. It was now 6 a.m. in Prague and her time there was up. Check out at seven, then off to airport to head home. She wondered if it was worth making a call home to her family. It wasn’t that late back there. But then she remembered her experience with the hotel Wi-Fi.

During her career, she had racked up some serious miles and stayed in a broad swath of hotels, even if she preferred not traveling. She’s always found hotel network performance to be incredibly inconsistent, though the variance seemed to be between just OK and abysmal. She’d been lucky that this hotel had been much closer to the former than to the latter, although still not perfect.

Maybe, it was something to do with the smallness of the venue, a boutique hotel off the beaten path. She could assume that there was less network traffic to contend with in a smaller establishment like this. So what was the solution? Just stay at boutique hotels? I’m sure her CFO would love that. He was notoriously frugal, and his Travel team had negotiated great rates with the big hotel chains. Too bad some of those offered the worst connectivity experiences.

Looking back on her trip, she hadn’t been too disappointed in the connectivity experience. The on-campus connectivity experience had been superb. Sure, things had gotten a little patchy once she left the campus. But she wasn’t in the kind of connectivity desert she’d experienced in some of her travels. And that was a small victory, she guessed.

See what happened next.