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Global Wi-Fi Access Keeps Getting Better

By Dennis Jones

United Airlines

Funny how time flies – wasn’t it just Memorial Day yesterday? Now, we’re picking out presents for Christmas and sorting out our holiday season travel agenda. And top of mind will be finding venues to connect to Wi-Fi.  Thanks to iPass, that challenge will be a lot easier this holiday season. We’ve had a busy summer partnering with some of the biggest brands around to keep you connected on each leg of the journey.

iPass and United Airlines

We entered into a partnership with one of the biggest airlines out there, United, to bring seamless and secure inflight Wi-Fi to our shared customers. The partnership strengthens our inflight offering by more than 700 Wi-Fi enabled aircraft. If you’re counting, that’s the entirety of United’s fleet, the largest high-speed, satellite-enabled fleet in the world. Plus, you won’t have to wait long to be able to connect to iPass on a United flight. Rollout begins this quarter.

iPass and TAV Passport Loyalty Program

We know you can’t make it on to the plane without first checking in at the airport. So iPass connects you there too. We already cover 780 airports, and we’re not stopping there. We are now bringing our global Wi-Fi offering to the TAV Passport Loyalty Program. The TAV Passport Card is an annual subscription program that offers passengers greater speed and comfort at airports operated by TAV Airports, including Istanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboga, Izmire Adnan Menderes, Tbilisi, Medinah and Zagreb. Not a bad list. The TAV Passport Card entitles members to perks like free car parking and valet services, discounted transfers, fast-track security points, lounge access and now global Wi-Fi around the world. What’s not to love?

iPass and Deutsche Telekom

We love new friends, but that doesn’t mean we forget about the old. Case in point: we extended the term of our partnership with powerhouse, Deutsche Telekom. As a result of this partnership, iPass will be available to passengers on airlines like Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Etihad and American Airlines. In total: 12 airlines and 330 long-haul aircraft for three additional years.

What does this all mean? Our CEO, Gary Griffiths, put it best: “In an increasingly connected world, ubiquitous, reliable and secure connectivity has become not just a nice to have, but a need to have.”