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From our Execs: Mobile Apps with Travel Clout

By iPass Staff Writer

We wanted to know which apps our “business traveling” execs use to make their trips easier, so we asked them to share them with us along with how they use them (see the list below). We’d also like to know what you’re using – take our survey – and tell us which apps work for you.

Steve Livingston, Senior Vice President of iPass Open Mobile Exchange

“It’s funny but I rarely use these apps at home but they are huge for me when I am on the road.” Steve’s Apps: Skype for meetings, RingCentral that’s a VoIP app that works with our company phone systems, TripAdvisor for restaurant information and Google Maps for understanding the location.

Barbara Nelson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

“I use Yelp, Google maps, Airbnb and of course email – all the time. I like Yelp and Google maps for finding my way around. I also tend to use Facebook more when I travel because it gives me a sense of what’s going on with my friends and family while I’m on the road.

June Bower, Chief Marketing Officer

“I like Metro Maps, London Tube, Where Now London and Paris for Food Lovers. Okay, I really like Paris for Food Lovers. We found some great new places on our last business trip thanks to that app.”