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Educate Your Mobile Employees About Their Security Impact

By Dennis Jones

Educate your employees on data security

Look at any survey of CIO priorities, and mobile security usually comes out first. In fact, look at recent surveys of CEO, CFO and COO priorities and the digital security of their mobile employees places pretty highly as well. Here at iPass, we think very seriously about the security of our end-customers and strive to build the safest, mobile connectivity technology possible to accommodate those needs. We also hope to educate others about possible threat vectors in their organization, including their mobile employees. To that end, we publish an annual Mobile Security Report, which culls responses from a broad swath of CIOs and other IT decision-makers in Europe and the U.S.

Recently, Raghu Konka, our vice president of Engineering spoke to technology journal, CloudTech, about some of the findings in our latest Mobile Security Report, including one of the most eye-catching: the fact that two-thirds of all companies ban their mobile employees from accessing free Wi-Fi. Sounds pretty extreme. But the fact is that 94 percent of respondents said that free Wi-Fi was, at least, somewhat of a threat to their company. There are other reports that reach similar conclusions, like the one from Xirrus, which found that 91% of Wi-Fi users did not believe it was secure, yet 89% continued to use it anyway.

That report points up a few things that Raghu addresses in the CloudTech article, namely that tackling security is an organizational and technological challenge. As for the organizational challenge, Raghu suggests that IT departments need to educate their end users to adopt more robust, mobile security practices.

To learn why it’s important to educate your mobile employees about the value of digital security, the full article is available here.