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Do You Have a Handle on
Enterprise Mobility?

By Dennis Jones

Do you have a handle on Enterprise Mobility?

You might think you do. But new research suggests otherwise. It turns out that enterprises in the U.S. are spending $1,840 per employee mobile device on an annual basis. If that isn’t high enough, consider the fact that that number doesn’t even account for the hidden costs of enterprise mobility, which include IT resources and security.

In other words, businesses don’t have a true gauge on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the mobile devices they deploy. What do those costs include? The lion’s share, a whopping 48%, goes to carrier charges. The rest is spread out between hardware (21 percent), IT (15 percent), additional services (10 percent) and security (6 percent).

However, those numbers don’t accurately reflect the true cost of enterprise mobility, which is 116 percent higher than initially expected.

What can businesses in general and IT specifically do to lower the cost of enterprise mobility? The first thing is simply getting more visibility into the true costs of running a mobile office. Ask around. Armed with knowledge, IT can then address the following:

  • Improving mobile data management
  • Setting clear usage policies
  • Preventing mobile security lapses before they happen

When it comes to enterprise mobility, knowledge is really power. And power is being able to tell your CFO that you saved big simply by being proactive. Let me leave you with this thought: companies end up paying twice as much to deal with security breaches, as they do on mobile security software.