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802.11ax is Gaining Momentum

You may not be chomping at the bit in anticipation of 802.11ax’s 2019 launch date, but you ought to be. At iPass, we certainly are. Dubbed “High-Efficiency Wi-Fi,” 802.11ax will not only improve the battery life of Wi-Fi enabled devices, it will also help realize the full potential of fiber networks and further enable next […]

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The Customer Loyalty Benefit of Wi-Fi Analytics

Connectivity·Products·Wi-Fi Trends | March 8, 2018

Offering premium Wi-Fi as an amenity isn’t the only way your brand can leverage Wi-Fi to enhance loyalty and engagement. Global Wi-Fi hotspots can themselves be incredibly valuable sources of data as well, as Wi-Fi analytics reveal how consumer devices behave and move. Savvy brands are jumping at the opportunity to use Wi-Fi analytics to forge stronger […]

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