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ARRIS Announces First Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ Certified Product

By Alex Braelow


On August 9th, US-based telecommunications equipment manufacturing company, Arris International, announced that their VAP4641 wireless access point was the first product ever to receive a Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

In an announcement to the press, president of Arris’ Customer Premises Equipment group, Larry Robinson, had this to say:

“Our home Wi-Fi vision is to provide ubiquitous coverage from a single network. We’re proud to continue our contributions to the Wi-Fi Alliance’s multi-AP specifications and Wi-Fi EasyMesh program to help service providers bring new innovations…to consumers. We’re making it easier for consumers to install, configure and manage their home network, while delivering Gigabit speed.”

This is big news. So, if you’re left scratching your head about Wi-Fi EasyMesh™, we’ll fill you in.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ is a set of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ standards designed to enable the deployment of adaptable networks comprised of multiple access points from different vendors. By coordinating these access points into a single, intelligent Wi-Fi network, it will extend coverage and enhance performance throughout a larger service area than is possible with a single access point.

After the initial setup, Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ technology will monitor the network conditions and adapt itself, as needed, to guide smartphones, tablets, and other devices to the optimal access point for their needs. As such, Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ will enable a seamless experience for users moving throughout their home or other service areas.

From a consumer standpoint, this means fewer Wi-Fi dead zones, more productivity, and far less frustration. It will improve coverage, facilitate internet of things (IoT) implementations, and create new band and equipment interoperability opportunities.

Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa put it succinctly when he said the new standards “offer both service providers and Wi-Fi users a consistent approach to multiple AP solutions.”

Read the full press release from ARRIS here.