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Aer Lingus Inflight Wi-Fi Easily Connects iPass Users

By iPass Staff Writer

Aer Lingus Inflight WiFi

People are so connected today that inflight Wi-Fi is almost expected: a necessary means to communicate with work, colleagues and family to make flying more efficient and enjoyable. iPass users already know how important staying connected is and we’re pleased to tell you Aer Lingus understands as well.

Aer Lingus — an airline serving Europe, North Africa, Turkey, and North America — offers wi-fi on its transatlantic flights, using the Panasonic Avionics system.  Aer Lingus Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Kavanagh said, “Aer Lingus is at the forefront of in-cabin Internet access, being just the second European airline to offer Internet access on transatlantic flights.”

Are you a high-bandwidth user tapping “the cloud” to get your work done?

The connection offers up-to 5MB receiving and 1 MB sending, and the service also works with mobile phones to send texts, emails, access the web, and pretty much anything else you might need to do other than making a call.

Aer Lingus is now accessible through iPass’ extensive in-flight service, expanding our network even further. Aer Lingus, in combination with iPass, can give you a seamless, experience on all your devices.

You can download the app for free for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows here.