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5 Wi-Fi Monetization and Roaming Strategies

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By Mato Petrusic

In the Global State of Mobile Networks report, Wi-Fi emerges as a dominant connection mode, on par with 4G LTE not only in countries where mobile broadband is ubiquitous, but also in countries where mobile data infrastructure is limited. Headline-grabbing sure, but the report only confirms what we all know to be true; users expect to connect to Wi-Fi.

Then, why does a review of MVNO offerings on the market today show that Wi-Fi services are being underutilized and underdeveloped? It’s time for a change. It’s time to add more value to your subscribers, while solving the business challenges you face everyday. Here are the five ways integrating iPass global Wi-Fi into your service can help.

  1. Manage your customer churn. Today’s subscribers aren’t just focused on price. They’re looking for a clear return on their investment in a new service. That’s where global Wi-Fi comes in. Giving your subscribers the ability to connect anytime, anywhere means they won’t be looking for alternate offerings.
  2. Reduce your network costs by offloading data. iPass allows you to implement a Wi-Fi First offload solution, whether your subscribers are on your home network or roaming on another. This solution lets you reduce wholesale costs and regain operational margin. In addition, our unlimited pricing structure provides a predictable, fixed, per user cost, based on unlimited data capacity and unlimited connection time. You provide a great experience to your subscribers with no risk associated with high capacity usage.
  3. Improve your subscribers’ experience. Great user experience, spurred on by constant service improvements, makes for happy and loyal customers. That’s pretty obvious. Less obvious is the fact that iPass enables that experience, by providing your subscribers with access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, with more than 57 million hotspots in more than 120 countries, in hotels, airports, airplanes, restaurants, shopping centers and public venues. With iPass, your subscribers never have to log in, provide credentials or authenticate in order to connect. And through our patented iPass SmartConnect™ technology, iPass can make intelligent network selection decisions, automatically and securely connecting your subscribers to the best Wi-Fi hotspots, whenever the iPass footprint is available.
  4. Upsell your subscribers to higher value plans. Face it, your postpaid users tend to generate higher revenues. But often, you get saddled with higher risk prepaid users, more liable to churn. Adding global Wi-Fi to your postpaid contracts encourages migration to the higher value option. On the same note, adding global Wi-Fi to your prepaid plan helps improve retention.
  5. Acquire new customers. We all want to drive new customer acquisition, increase retention and win back new customers who have churned in the past. Embedding Global Wi-Fi access, whether as part of your core offering or as an optional value-added services, provides the key competitive differentiator to help lure new business.

Today’s users are clamoring for Wi-Fi. Giving your subscribers the chance to connect securely to the best available Wi-Fi, whether in the air or on the ground, in more than 120 countries is an easy way to meet that demand, while improving the stickiness of your offering. When it comes down to it, iPass helps you stand out in a crowded market, while adding to your revenue and reducing your costs.