Imagine being well connected around the globe

With iPass you get access to the iPass Mobile Network, the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network, with inflight Internet and far more hotels, airports, and business venues than any other network. So users get easy, reliable connectivity virtually anywhere they roam.

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How iPass gets Wi-Fi users connected

Leveraging the iPass Mobile Network, we deliver a portfolio of services:

The widely deployed wireless client for smartphones and tablets

Enterprise mobility

Global Wi-Fi on any device for enterprise employees, ensuring cost control and productivity. Learn more.

International Wi-Fi roaming solutions and comprehensive wireless device platform support

Service providers

International Wi-Fi roaming solutions and infrastructure for service providers. Learn more.

Custom high speed Wi-Fi and WAN networks as a managed service

Managed networks

Custom high speed Wi-Fi and WAN networks as a managed service. Learn more.


iPass is the global force in Wi-Fi

Mobile connectivity can present serious cost and productivity challenges. 3G and 4G networks are often congested and data roaming plans are expensive.

Mobile workers prefer to connect using Wi-Fi—it’s in our airports and in flight, in hotels, offices, homes and everywhere we congregate. Virtually all smartphones and tablets ship with Wi-Fi capability; tiered data plans encourage consumers to rely on Wi-Fi; and cloud-based applications are exploding.

iPass delivers the only global Wi-Fi network and trusted mobility services. Only iPass can deliver a true globally mobile experience.

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