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iPass is redefining mobile connectivity with UNLIMITED global Wi-Fi. No more paying by the minute, no device limitations, no gimmicks and no excuses.
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With over 20 million hotspots in over 120 countries, iPass has the world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network. This keeps you and your business travelers connected to what matters most, while you are on the road.
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The Unlimited Blog

How will the ‘Digitally Dependent’ cope with the IoT explosion?

By Teri Evans

confused boy with tablet. isolated

Labels – we love them. Whether you’re a millennial, generation Y or a baby boomer – you can guarantee you’ve heard it all before and probably been segmented into at least one of those groups. So what are the next generation that grow up going to be coined? You know the ones I’m talking

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Why Wi-Fi will be your FIRST choice for connectivity

By Teri Evans


It’s 2002 and you’ve just picked up your brand new shiny Nokia 3310 to make a quick call to your family before you hop on a plane to visit a client. Fast-forward to 2015 and chances are you’re probably not still using your Nokia 3310 to keep in contact, or even using the same network

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Do you understand the importance of Always Being Connected?

By Teri Evans

Red haired boy talking on the phone

You’re out of town for the weekend when your phone lights up with the dreaded phone call from your teenage brother. Before you even answer the call there are a million different scenarios running through your head as to why he’s calling and what he could possibly need. You answer, fearing the worst – only to hear the words “Hey, the internet is down – what do I do?”

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