iPass Open Mobile Exchange (OMX) is the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi Roaming and Exchange platform for Communication Service Providers (CSP). Through a single interface, iPass OMX provides certified WISPr interoperability to over 150 unique Wi-Fi networks; representing over 20 million commercial Wi-Fi venues across 120 countries and territories worldwide.

What is international Wi-Fi roaming?

International Wi-Fi roaming extends Wi-Fi connectivity to subscribers when roaming outside of their CSP’s home network. It helps to address demand for higher data usage on smartphone and tablet devices in a cost-effective manner by providing access to a broad and meaningful collection of commercial Wi-Fi hotspots in as many foreign locations as possible.

International travel at record high

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international travel exceeded one billion trips for the first time ever in 2012, and is set for another year of robust growth. Since each international trip represents a potential roaming event, the addressable market for international Wi-Fi roaming has never been greater.

Wi-Fi is the primary network for smartphones and tablets

The importance of Wi-Fi is now beyond question. According to studies conducted by Informa Telecoms & Media in partnership with Mobidia, Wi-Fi accounts for the vast majority of total smartphone- and tablet-originated data traffic.

Mobile data traffic, global coverage

Image: Understanding today's smartphone user

Why are Service Providers exploring a partnership-based strategy for international Wi-Fi roaming?

CSP Country Wi-Fi Provider Date announced
China Telecom China iPass February, 2011
SK Telecom South Korea iPass May, 2011
Deutsche Telekom Germany iPass May, 2011
Oi Brazil iPass April, 2012
KDDI Japan iPass June, 2012
Zain Group Middle East iPass September, 2012
AlwaysOn South Africa iPass September, 2012
Etisalat UAE iPass October, 2012
M1 Singapore iPass April, 2013
Zain Jordan Jordan iPass May, 2013
TTNET Turkey iPass August, 2013
Skype Global iPass August, 2013
Vertu Global iPass October, 2013

Considerable momentum behind partnership-based approaches to international Wi-Fi roaming can be attributed to two key drivers:

  • Accelerate time-to-market. CSPs that bring differentiated Wi-Fi roaming propositions to market early can exploit first-mover advantage and capture the demand for an improved roaming experience among international travelers. By partnering, CSPs can accelerate the availability of new propositions and minimize their investment inherent in a do-it-yourself approach.
  • Leverage best practices from Wi-Fi roaming service providers. By leveraging best practices that have been learned from Wi-Fi Roaming Providers, CSPs can mitigate the risk of making costly mistakes and improve the likelihood of building propositions with proven market potential. The support offered to CSPs by Wi-Fi Roaming Providers in areas such as application development, marketing strategy and proposition building form a key part of the value of a partnership-based strategy in international Wi-Fi roaming and are important reasons why more and more partnership deals are being struck.

How can iPass OMX help?

Discover how iPass OMX and the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network can create new revenue streams, differentiate your services and enhance profitability.

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