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iPass Announces iPass SmartConnect with Enhanced User Security

Patented technology delivers intelligent network selection with global hotspot security, creating a customer Wi-Fi experience as seamless as cellular

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Nov 4, 2015: iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, has announced the launch of iPass SmartConnect, designed to connect customers invisibly and securely to the Wi-Fi hotspot that best meets their usage needs. In addition, iPass SmartConnect will enhance hotspot security for end users through last-mile, virtual private network (VPN) functionality.

As users roam the iPass network, iPass SmartConnect will anonymize and aggregate usage data to determine hotspot location, signal strength and speed. Aggregating this data will create a real-time access map of iPass’ global network of Wi-Fi hotspots, classifying the relative performance and reliability of each hotspot. iPass SmartConnect then uses predictive analytics to determine and automatically connect users to the best hotspot in the iPass network.

In addition to mapping iPass hotspots, iPass SmartConnect will also aggregate anonymous usage data on hotspots not yet part of the iPass network. By having a better understanding of customer behaviour patterns, iPass will be able to add new hotspots (through network agreements and curation) based on where customers need them the most. Based on iPass’ patented Service Quality Management technology, iPass SmartConnect will significantly improve the experience for iPass customers.

“iPass has a heritage of connecting our customers to the information they need the most, when and where they need it. iPass SmartConnect is a major accomplishment along our path, ensuring customers receive the very best Wi-Fi experience wherever they are located,” said Gary Griffiths, president and CEO of iPass. “iPass SmartConnect will essentially create a network graph, much like a social graph, of the Wi-Fi universe, giving us more visibility than anyone else about how, when and where people want to use Wi-Fi. This insight will enable us to add new access points into the network based on where users need them, and create a truly seamless Wi-Fi experience. Moreover, iPass SmartConnect provides the foundation for an experience that is Wi-Fi first, but not Wi-Fi only, a harbinger for ensuring that our customers are always connected, anytime and anywhere, independent of the technology.”

Recognizing the importance of security and privacy for its customers, iPass is enhancing the security of its offering with VPN tunnelling between the user and iPass’ secure Internet gateway. Commonly, the “last mile” is where a user’s data is most vulnerable, but with iPass’ VPN functionality, data is masked and encrypted, protecting customers from the infamous “man in the middle” attacks, and unwittingly exposing their online data to malicious activity.

iPass SmartConnect with global hotspot security is available on select devices now and will be available to all iOS and Android customers by the end of this year and all Windows customers by Q1 2016.


About iPass Inc.

iPass delivers global, mobile connectivity as a hosted cloud service, connecting its customers with the people and information that matter the most on all of the devices they choose to carry: smartphones, tablets and laptops. iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) is the world’s largest Wi-Fi network. By the end of 2015, iPass will have 50 million hotspots in airports, hotels, airplanes and public areas in more than 120 countries across the globe. In the rapidly changing technology of Internet connectivity, iPass is the industry pioneer in ensuring businesses have unlimited access to unlimited content.

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