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As the driving force in the Wi-Fi industry and leading provider of Wi-Fi services, iPass is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the trends shaping enterprise mobility.


Wi-Fi Cost Index: Cut data roaming expenses 50-73%

Download the Wi-Fi Cost Index report and you will learn:

The iPass Wi-Fi Cost Index provides average Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband data costs by region; models cost scenarios for international travelers; and provides insight into the impact of those costs.

This original research document centers primarily around US users travelling internationally and European users who travel both internationally and within Europe. We took this approach because the majority of an organization’s mobility costs are incurred by employees who are most likely to travel often, and beyond their own borders.

The iPass Wi-Fi Cost Index includes basic assumptions about typical business traveler usage and behavior. It documents average data usage and Mobile Broadband costs, breaking them out by region around the world. It also outlines potential savings for organizations using iPass Open Mobile for business traveler Wi-Fi connectivity.


The iPass Global Mobile Workforce report

The iPass Global Mobile Workforce report


This Q3 2013 iPass Mobile Workforce Report discusses some fast-changing trends we’re seeing that are affecting the hospitality industry and the use of Wi-Fi in public locations—especially hotels. In this report, you’ll learn that the availability of Wi-Fi is changing the criteria by which mobile workers choose a hotel. Quality Wi-Fi is now a make-or-break proposition, and the hospitality industry must heed the call to meet the needs of their increasingly connected clientele. While the industry is aware of this trend, this report is the first to publicly quantify that connectivity is becoming a basic need, no matter where we travel.

In this report

  • Introduction
  • Quality hotel Wi-Fi: A make-or-break proposition
  • Connectivity is almost as important as a good night’s sleep
  • Hotel Wi-Fi connectivity: Nothing to write home about
  • Free hotel Wi-Fi: You get what you pay for
  • Business travelers are distrustful of hotel Wi-Fi security
  • Internet in the air
  • Cost drives Internet usage while traveling
  • Wi-Fi day pass costs are relatively flat—but are still high
  • Is unified communications taking off?
  • Work versus leisure travel: Wi-Fi behavior changes
  • Tablets: Regardless of platform, a disruptive force for Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Conclusion
  • Survey Methodology


iPass/Mobileiron 2013 Mobile Enterprise report

The 2013 iPass/MobileIron Mobile Enterprise Report tells a story of the rise of BYOD, and with it increased frustration and loss of control by IT, and concern over rising mobile data costs. Results from our survey show that while Mobile IT brings with it a huge potential to improve workforce productivity, it also introduces significant new challenges for enterprise IT. We also found that Mobile IT means a new relationship between IT and the end-user. The end-user now has the ability to influence IT policy, demanding less IT control and more accommodation of employee owned devices in the workplace. Our survey validates that the shift to mobile is happening, and it’s happening fast. To fully realize the benefits of mobility and to mitigate potential risks will require a significant game change.


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