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Topics for Business Travelers

Best travel apps for business

We’ve compiled the best travel apps for business travel. Whether your phone is company-owned or you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) situation, these are well-tested, highly-rated apps that help business travelers before, during, and after business trips.

Tips for staying productive while traveling for business

According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Global Business Travelers Association (GBTA) companies have higher productivity expectations from mobile employees and business travelers than ever before, but staying productive during business travel is getting more difficult. We’ve compiled a list of things business travelers can do to be more productive.


Topics for influencers and decision makers

Wi-Fi isn’t dead!

Wi-Fi is back! Or more accurately, it never went away. Years after hearing that Wi-Fi was made obsolete by 3G and, more recently, 4G, enterprises that support mobile employees-most companies today-are placing increasing importance on Wi-Fi connectivity. Read why.

Who should own the enterprise mobile device?

Is it time to leave employees to their own devices? This article explores how and why many companies are loosening their hold on employee-owned handheld devices that are used for business purposes.

How IT can partner with mobile workers to support personal-liable smartphones

Find out how IT can be the hero in a positive relationship with device users that will help achieve corporate security and cost-control goals, while allowing employees to be as productive as possible.


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