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Our Wi-Fi Network: The Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion in Connectivity

The iPass Wi-Fi Network provides our users with access to the largest global Wi-Fi footprint

Access to 50 million Wi-Fi hotspots in more than
100 countries

The iPass Wi-Fi Network is the world’s largest Wi-Fi network. We connect our customers to millions of community hotspots, inflight Internet and far more hotels, airports, and other business venues than any other network! A few of our venue partners include:

Some of our venue partners include

The Ever Expanding Universe of Global Wi-Fi

The growth in Wi-Fi has been astounding—50% of all Internet traffic now begins or ends on a Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi now carries more traffic than wired broadband or cellular LTE data.

View the Wi-Fi Explosion

Keeping your employees connected to the apps, information and people they depend on has never been easier. And more; it’s expected. With the global exponential growth of Wi-Fi hotspots, the iPass mobile network is the world’s largest – without a serious competitor. Wherever you and your team are, chances are iPass been there, connected there.

The iPass Mobile Network is the largest in the world

Wi-Fi Virtually Anywhere You Go

iPass allows you to enjoy the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. Our click-once login and fixed pricing for Unlimited Wi-Fi provides the simplicity and convenience that’s indispensable in today’s world where connectivity is no longer an option. With iPass, you get:

  • Single Secure Login: Sign in once with your iPass credentials and access the Internet wherever you go.
  • Predictable Pricing: Our fixed pricing structure and unlimited data guarantee that the days of roaming sticker shock are long over.
  • Secure Authentication: Our 128-bit encrypted connection uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and mutual key exchange between the various iPass platform components. This ensures users’ credentials (username and password) and other possible authentication attributes are not compromised.