Our mobile network offers 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 120 countries and territories1

The iPass Mobile Network is the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi provider, with millions of community hotspots, inflight Internet and far more hotels, airports, and other business venues than any other network! A few venues include:

For the enterprise: A network in your pocket virtually anywhere you roam

For enterprise customers, the iPass Mobile Network provides access to hundreds of different networks and over a million global Wi-Fi hotspots using a single login based on the user’s existing corporate credentials. With the iPass Mobile Network, organizations get:

  • Single secure login: Mobile users can easily and securely log in to the Internet using their corporate credentials throughout the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi footprint. The organization receives a single invoice that details usage records by user and connection method.
  • A single vendor relationship: You get the simplicity of dealing with a single vendor rather than having to sign contracts with, monitor and manage tens or even hundreds of service providers, giving you predictable and standardized rates around the world. Additionally, iPass can serve as a single point of trust—you don’t have to worry about the security of each provider within the iPass Mobile Network.
  • Secure authentication: When users log in to the iPass Mobile Network, their credentials are passed over the Internet using a 128-bit encrypted connection that uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and mutual key exchange between the various iPass platform components. The iPass protocol ensures that users’ credentials (username and password) and other possible authentication attributes are not compromised.
  • Reliability and high availability: The iPass Mobile Network includes four globally distributed data centers to reduce authentication latency, and is built to support a hub and spoke authentication architecture, redundantly engineered to provide carrier-grade 99.999 percent availability.

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1 Data from the ‘ISO 3166’ list of 249 country codes.

2 As measured by passenger volume