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Executive team

iPass executive biographies

The diverse and experience management team at iPass directs and executes the company’s market strategies, technical initiatives and fast-paced growth.

Gary A. Griffiths, President and Chief Executive Officer

Gary Griffiths, CEOA 35-year veteran of the high-tech industry with a powerful record leading some of the Web’s most innovative companies, Gary Griffiths brings a wealth of relevant experience to his new position at the helm of iPass Inc. Focused on accelerating the company’s growth through Wi-Fi adoption of iPass’ Open Mobile applications, Griffiths is ideally suited to the initiative. Read more.

Darin Vickery, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Darin Vickery, VP and CFOWith over 25 years of experience in the accounting and financial industries, Darin Vickery brings a vast array of public and private-sector expertise to his new position at iPass. Previously serving as the company’s Corporate Controller and Principal Accounting Officer, he provides iPass with an indispensable skill set to guide the financial health of a robust, leading-edge technology concern. Read more.

Patricia R. Hume, Chief Commercial Officer

Patricia Hume, CCOAs a sales, marketing, and business development virtuoso with 35 years of experience in the technology industry, Patricia Hume has demonstrated an exceptional level of accountability, dedication, passion, and vision. In her new role at iPass Inc., she is applying her intense sense of commitment to leading the global teams responsible for all customer-facing activities, including sales, marketing, business development, services, and support across the entire product portfolio. Read more.

Keith Waldorf, Vice President of Engineering

Keith Waldorf, VP EngineeringWith over two decades of engineering experience, Keith Waldorf’s technical expertise is widely recognized in the technology, telecom, and energy industries. Awarded patents for his work, he brings an impressive level of skill to his current role at iPass. Mr. Waldorf leads the engineering teams to deliver the entire suite of iPass products and services. Read more.

Rajani Kolli, Vice President of Global Cloud Operations

Rajani Kolli, VP Global Cloud OperationsRajani Kolli brings over 18 years of experience to his new role as Vice President of Global Cloud Operations. Driving key elements of the company’s overall technical vision, strategic projects and cloud operations, he is responsible for designing, building and operating the infrastructure leads the world’s largest commercial-grade Wi-Fi networks with over 20 million Wi-Fi venues. Read more.