Tips and tricks for iOS users

Clean up iOSNot having as much fun as you want to with your iPhone or iPad?

Has it slowed down? Here are some easy tips on putting the spring back in its step. Like any other computing device, your iOS device needs to be rebooted periodically. iPad FAQ will show you how to restore speed, remove apps running in the background and get instructions on how to free up space.

If you have the iPhone 4S you’ll want to know how to get the most mileage out of Siri.  Far from home? Siri may cure your homesickness by speaking in a familiar dialect. Find out about this and other Cool iPhone 4S Siri tips.

Embarassed when your iPhone suddenly rings in a meeting? Tired of scrolling through web pages? Want to switch between apps in a flash? Battery runs out too quickly? Get easy tips on all these questions and more.

Try a few of these tips  and tricks and enjoy increased productivity with your iOS device.


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