The iPad takes the Enterprise

We’ve been watching the data and have continued to find rapid adoption of the iPad among mobile workers. According to the most recent iPass Mobile Workforce Report 42 percent of mobile workers currently have an iPad and 34 percent use that iPad for at least some work.

Mobile workers who own iPad

Number of mobile workers that currently have an iPad

Mobile workers using iPad for work

Number of mobile workers that currently use an iPad for at least some work


Whether you provision your employees and iPad or not (most likely not since only 24 percent of mobile workers have a company issued iPad), there are iPads in the workplace accessing your network resources.

And this could cost you, since tablets consume an estimated five times more data than smartphones according to a March 2011 Mobile Future report. And the new iPad 4G LTE with its retina display is visually stunning and superfast, but will do a number on your employee’s data cap. Why? Because awesome visuals means bigger file sizes. And that extra spend will find its way into expense reports, even if you aren’t officially financing their iPad foray. You will need a cost-effective alternative to 3G and 4G for your iPad users.

Today’s iPad optimized version of iPass Open Mobile will give you a great alternative to 3G and 4G LTE with access to more than 700,000 Wi-Fi venues globally. It is available now on the iTunes AppStore.

But don’t neglect your own internal corporate Wi-Fi network. According to a recent study, by 2015, 80 percent of newly installed enterprise wireless networks will be obsolete due to initial installation of non-scalable technology. And without an effective plan for growth, enterprises deploying iPads today will need 300 percent more Wi-Fi by 2015 just to keep up with user demand.

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