Taking advantage of UK (and EU) internet growth

Broadband Growth in Europe
Today in ReadWriteWeb Enterprise, Robert Nicholson in European Net Usage Growth Opens Doors for International Business, writes that “Internet usage in the European Union is rising and it’s no accident – the EU and United Kingdom governments are investing in policies to boost their digital economies.”

He goes on to say that “perhaps the most relevant piece of information is that while 45% of British businesses are purchasing goods and services online, only 15% of British businesses are providing them.” This is an opportunity for companies doing business online anywhere.

But in this article through my lens, I see more people and businesses online, needing more and ever-faster bandwidth. Are you preparing your mobile employees to compete with the other vendors looking at this market? Are they safely and cost-effectively getting online being available to suppliers and customers? Are they using smartphones and tablets to facilitate this business?

Also, as more employees go mobile, they are using more devices (note our Mobile Workforce Report). Is it as easy for someone to login to a lower cost Wi-Fi network when on their iPad or smartphone crossing borders? Coincidentally, there was an article on mobile device security in RCRWireless, Reality Check: Protecting the mobile network and devices, on how to help secure your end users as they rely more on tablets and smartphones.

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