Oi [Brazil] offers International Wi-Fi Data Roaming Services via iPass

Oi BrazilToday we announced a deal with the largest telecommunication company in Brazil, Oi, a pioneer company in the provision of bundled services in Brazil. It’s a great offering that Oi has put forward that will enable their eligible customers to roam globally on the iPass Mobile Network using the iPass Open Mobile Exchange. This follows recent announcements from Zain Telecom in the Middle East, China Telecom and China Mobile all using iPass to better serve their customers.

Oi customers that travel internationally will be able to connect to over 779 thousand hotspots around the globe – and that number is constantly growing. The beauty of this for Oi customers will be the simple access that they will have wherever they travel. There will be no need to whip out credit cards, user names and login details for global Wi-Fi access. It will just be simple access to Wi-Fi when they travel with the customer paying on their bill at the end of the month.

From the press release:
“Our goal in partnering with iPass is to offer both Oi eligible customers and Oi WiFi Vex customers greater value and cost savings internationally, to reinforce our commitment of offering the best ‘Internet Everywhere’ experience,” said Eduardo Aspesi, Oi Retail Director. “Oi WiFi network was launched in 2011 to strengthen the position of the company as the largest and more complete provider of Internet access in Brazil. The partnership with iPass is very important for Oi, because it broadens the service offering to an additional 780 000 hotspots in several countries,” added Aspesi.

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