Introducing Open Mobile Express

iPass Open Mobile for Windows clientToday, iPass announced a new Open Mobile offer called Open Mobile Express. I wanted to use this blog entry to provide some basic details on what Open Mobile Express is and why iPass is providing a new Open Mobile offer.

Open Mobile Express provides mobile employees seamless connectivity for smartphones, tablets and laptops to the iPass Mobile Network, providing a consistent user experience across all devices while avoiding costly roaming charges and expensive Wi-Fi day passes. How is this different than Open Mobile? First, let’s talk about how they are similar.

Both Open Mobile and Open Mobile Express are based on the Open Mobile Platform and are designed to simplify the user’s connectivity experience from any type of device. The difference is what you can do with those connections.

Open Mobile is a universal connection manager with comprehensive cost and security policy options that provide granular options on how employees connect to Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband (3G/4G). So think a command and control connectivity solution for the Enterprise that provides several policy and reporting options above and beyond providing connectivity to the iPass Mobile Network.

Open Mobile Express focuses more on the ‘just connect me’ user who wants to take advantage of the cost advantages and ubiquitous availability of the iPass Mobile Network. The focus is on seamless connectivity across a wide range of devices vs. a universal connection manager managing all connections.

By providing both Open Mobile and Open Mobile Express, iPass now has a solution that meets the need of everyone. Those who want seamless connectivity to the iPass Mobile Network can evaluate Open Mobile Express. Those who want to layer on cost and security policies for all types of connections, not just those to the iPass Mobile Network, can evaluate Open Mobile.

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