Faster data, faster dead phone

Galaxy Nexus 4G smartphoneYes, 4G is blazing fast…in draining your smartphone battery.

Eric Bensinger, in Fast Phones, Dead Batteries in the WSJ, highlighted the “rising number of 4G smartphone users who are discovering their speedy broadband service also zips through battery life.”

Although 4G is rolled out in many cities, the service is spotty, so the smartphone uses up battery as it searches for a signal. Battery technology is not keeping pace with smartphone data speed and usage demands.

Mr. Bensinger also gives various tips on helping to limit battery drain (although many of those interviewed mentioned carrying a charger.)

  • Turn off 4G except when you are streaming video; that goes for turning down screen brightness too
  • Find a program to detect battery-hog applications
  • Turn off 4G when you sleep

Oh wait, many of you like to get woken up by your smartphone.

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