BYOD in enterprise mobility pushes forward

CNBC Smartphone share in enterprise - iPhone winnerIn “Why BYOD is Overtaking Enterprise Mobility Like a Storm,” Gary Purdy from MobileTrax reports that the storm has happened and now IT is picking the best course for their enterprise.

Employees have made their case. They don’t want to carry multiple devices and want everything on their preferred device(s). and they are more productive. Who hasn’t answered an email while waiting for a coffee or between innings at a child’s game? That’s one less email that you have to do at night or in the morning.

Here are some excerpts from the newsletter article:

Because employees wanted to continue to do their job with a single smartphone and tablet, most enterprises have developed policies and procedures that enable the mobile device(s) to have a partition in which the business activities are managed and a partition in which the employee can manage their personal applications and media, as well.

BYOD has helped create great new software and services that enable the employee and the company to get what each wants: a simple and easy way to manage consumer and enterprise utilization.

There still are challenges – such as how to manage an enterprise ‘apps store’ – but the use of consumer mobile devices in the enterprise is more accepted today than a year ago and will become a common phenomenon over the next few years.

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