Feel free to bring that (Android) device to work!

Do you use your phone for both work and personal activities? A new app, AT&T’s Toggle, will allow you to have two completely separate profiles on your Android smartphone. iPhone users, don’t despair – AT&T says that Toggle will be coming for your device as well. With Toggle, installed corporate email, calendars, apps and data [...]

Tell us about your mobile worker life – new survey

Are you a mobile worker? Tell us about your mobile life. Take our Mobile Workforce survey and let us know how your company supports your work away from the office – or not! Besides the satisfaction of telling us what you really think, you have a chance to win an iPad 2. In our Q3 survey you [...]

Will the real 4G please stand up?

Which carrier services are the “real” 4G and which are the “faux” 4G? It’s interesting to note that many carriers tout their 4G networks, but not all of these are using true 4G according to the authoritative definition published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). In December, the ITU loosened its definition of 4G to include [...]