iPass company overview

iPass is a global Wi-Fi roaming market leader for enterprise employees and service provider subscribers. We knit the world’s commercial Wi-Fi networks together to create a single global Wi-Fi network. With the massive acceleration of the broader Wi-Fi industry, where every mobile phone, tablet and laptop is Wi-Fi enabled, and where Wi-Fi has become the preferred connectivity option for billions of devices, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the expanding global demand for Wi-Fi services.

iPass provides global enterprises and telecommunication carriers with cloud-based mobility management and Wi-Fi connectivity services. Through our proprietary technology platform and our global Wi-Fi network, we offer enterprises cross-device, cross-network, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity services and significant cost savings. We also offer global telecommunication carriers Wi-Fi enablement services that allow these carriers the ability to monetize their Wi-Fi networks and enable data roaming solutions for their subscribers.

iPass advantage: A unique set of Wi-Fi assets

  • Unique four-party global authentication fabric and exchange infrastructure
  • Comprehensive cloud-based iPass Open Mobile mobility platform for a wide variety of computing and mobile devices and provider networks
  • Largest global and commercial Wi-Fi network ecosystem

iPass: A Wi-Fi leader

  • 13 million global Wi-Fi access points across 120 countries and territories
  • 1.3 million unique users on the iPass mobility services platform in 2013
  • 12.4 million user authentications processed by iPass’ global infrastructure in 2013
  • 62 million iPass enabled Wi-Fi sessions in 2013
  • 158 global Wi-Fi operators with whom iPass’ authentication infrastructure is integrated
  • 74,670 strategic venues including hotel and conference venues and global airports

iPass: Business focus

Enterprise mobility

Global Wi-Fi for enterprises (Open Mobile Enterprise – OME): We serve the connectivity and security needs of our enterprise customers and their business travelers. Our value to the enterprise is seamless connectivity, improved productivity and significant cost savings. At the end of 2013, we had over 1300 enterprise customers, including 130 of the Fortune 500.

Consumer mobility

Global Wi-Fi for service providers (Open Mobile Exchange – OMX): Started in 2012 with the objective of making global Wi-Fi available on our telecommunication carriers’ subscriber bills. This business is in the early stages, however, we already had 23 carriers signed globally at the end of 2012. Additionally, there are millions of potential end users available through mobile operators, traditional telcos and cable operators, as well as other telecommunication service providers, that can be users of our global Wi-Fi network.

Managed Wi-Fi networks

iPass Unity Network Services (Unity): We design, build and manage Wi-Fi and Wide Area Networks to ensure high availability, complete security and future-proof scalability. We offer a comprehensive, customizable portfolio of services. iPass Unity has deployed and manages some of the largest, and most complex networks in the industry with thousands of endpoints. With customers ranging from retailers to financial enterprises with remote branch offices, a wide variety of businesses utilize our solutions to gain significant cost savings, increased network bandwidth and security, and overall performance improvements.

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